Announcing A Direct-Response
Marketing Agency That Will
Guarantee To Generate 20 Leads In 30 Days

     If you are a business owner, here is
a no-risk offer from K. Alexzander Media…

     We will guarantee to generate at least 20 leads for your business, in 30 days.

     If we don’t generate at least 20 leads,
your next month is free. We’ll write, design and run
the ads. We’ll also custom design and build a new
squeeze page. On top of that, as a bonus, we’ll follow up
with the leads. AND, we’ll provide tested price points, offers,
and scripts from other businesses just like yours, that you
can swipe and deploy to sell to those leads, absolutely
free, just for becoming a client.

     You simply pay us an upfront, one-time, service
fee. (No recurring fee. No retainer) After that, only
pay us when someone shows up.

     In other words, we’re flooding your business with people, and giving you the exact offers that’ll get them to buy — which means you make more money.

What's The Catch?

Just three:
     1. You must be willing and able to cover at least $100 a day in advertising.
This amount will allow us to scale your ads quicker,
and figure out what’s working and what’s not. So
we can quickly make adjustments.

     2. You must allow us to create
marketing we think will sell.
Your legal and factual approval aside,
we’d retain creative freedom. Naturally,
if the marketing isn’t ours – if the copy
gets rewritten or the layout redesigned-
we can’t guarantee its success.

     3. You must need better marketing.
If we think your current marketing is spectacular, we’ll
tell you. We’re well aware that we’re not the only
direct-response marketers that can create top-notch

     But if you’re among the vast majority of entrepreneurs
who’s marketing and advertising isn’t living up to its’ full
Potential, we’re confident we can help you. And perhaps
you’d like to know more about us.

Who Is K. Alexzander

     K. Alexzander Media is a full-service direct-response
marketing agency. We specialize in creating marketing/advertising that
generates sales. In the next 5 years, we plan to quickly expand into one
of the top 10 largest direct-response marketing agencies in America.

     We’re planning to double in size, over the next few years. This
will include staff, who will aid in us offering guaranteed
results to more entrepreneurs .

How Can We Guarantee

     We’re able and willing to guarantee results because
of the proven principles of direct response. Full disclosure,
none of the principles are created by us, but the centuries
old principles seem to be – and make for uniquely powerful
advertising. Here are the key foundations:

     1. Marketing is salesmanship. Our entire creative
process is based on that foundational principle. All the copy,
and images used in each advertisement must justify
themselves in sales.

Naturally, most direct response agencies agree with the idea
that advertising must sell. But I can count on one hand the
amount of them that adhere as rigorously to it as we do, and
would quiver in their boots at the thought of guaranteeing

     2. Building on a strong offer. We believe that all great
Marketing begins with a top-notch offer, product, or service.
Gary Bencivenga, crowned the best copywriter in the world
during his hay day, is famous for saying; “A gifted product
is mightier than a gifted pen.” Rosser Reeves, the
mastermind behind M&M’s “The milk chocolate melts in your
mouth not In your hands” USP, said it before him.

Once we accept a client with such a product, We spend time
interviewing and researching them. I take apart and examine
their product/service and business from every possible angle.
If possible, we’ll speak with the owner even past and present

Then we’ll compare it with competitors – until we’ve found its unique
selling advantage. Once we have that, we’ll build an entire campaign
around it, and demonstrate emotionally and logically why it’s
the best product or service to fulfill the customers specific

We’ve tested and proven time and again in sales revenue
that a strong offer and great marketing provide an unfair

     3. Direct response copywriting. We use the best copywriting
principles we can find, that drive sales. Recently, for example I went
through a course assembled by publishing powerhouse Agora
Financials, chief copywriter. He’s personally spearheaded campaigns
that have produced over 400,000 customers.

All of the copy we craft will be supported by in depth research.
Furthermore, in the future we will be adding other highly-skilled
copywriters to the team. Our aim is to build the best copy team in
the direct response industry.

     4. Pay-Per-Lead Structure. Because copywriting and advertising is
salesmanship, this offer is presented in a pay-per-lead structure.
The more leads we generate for you, the more money we make.
If you think this motivates us to work hard and turn out the best
copywriting, marketing, and advertising we can for you –
you would be correct!

     5. Personalized attention. We will monitor all the results from your
campaigns, and make day by day decisions on anything done for you.
You borrow our experience – and have access to us.

     6. We love marketing. All in all we really love the game of marketing, sales,
business and advertising. We find ourselves working until 8, 9 and
10 o’clock many nights, brainstorming and looking to whack a mole
current marketing results.

We’re looking to “crack the code” on direct response marketing – and
having a blast while doing it.

How Have Clients Fared In
The Past?

     Wish we could say it’s been a grand slam every time, but of course we can’t.
But for the most part our clients have fared quite well. For example:

     A piano trainer: Within 60 days of taking our founders advice, her income
skyrocketed from $3,000 per month to between $10-$15,000 a month.
His suggestions added an extra $140,000 in annual revenue to her
business. She went from making $36,000 to between

     A property manager: Doubled Response!
Kelsey with your input, my website traffic has
doubled, which has translated into company
dollars. Thanks Kels.
M. Thomas – Property Manager

     An Esthetician: Our lead follow up process generated a 40%
response rate from a tiny list. The poor lady
was so overwhelmed, she ended the campaign, after
the first day. 

What Are The Next

     If you’re interested in us and our unique “anti-agency” offer, make
a “refundable deposit” of $97. We’ll give it back at the end of the strategy
session. (Unless, we accept you as a client – if that’s the case,
We’ll apply it to your up-front, one-time service fee.)
Next, we’ll take a look at the best ads, promotions and marketing
systems you have. We’ll look it over and let you know if
we feel we can increase the results. In general, we think we can beat around
19 out of 20 of the promotions that businesses produce.
This may sound cocky – but we put our money where our mouth is.
The best part about our “guaranteed results” offer is that you
don’t risk a dime.

To take us up on our offer, and to secure your spot, click
here, and lets get moving.

Talk soon,